Hairextensions tons, but where and how such amounts?

Hair extensions collected worldwide, but the whole part of it from the country, maybe you doesn't know.

If you would like to buy hairs in big quantity, need a country with lots of peoples.

You will need many people who have the interest to cut off their hair. It is immaterial whether it is for money or for religious reasons, you need to be easily force them to give you their long hair.

India has about 1.2 billion souls, of which about 550 million women. 70 percent of the population are Hindu religions.

The Temple of Tirumala, where 20 million women annually visit and cut their hair in place, about 500 tons a year. That's a total of 500,000 kilograms of hair. With the usual spread of 100 grams, this is five million . In the city and its surroundings there are hundreds of barber salons specializing in rapid haircut. The goal is to rid the woman of her hair, then shave her "excess".

But why does it cut off at least 20 million pilgrims a year for her hair? Moreover, absolutely free?

The answer: for charitable reasons based on sacral grounds. From the slaughtered hair (approximately $ 21 million annually, or around $ 6.2 billion), they donate to hungry, hospitals and schools.

Tirupati Temple

Big misleading

In the first round, the Indian are smoked and cleaned in huge pools and halls. This is followed by the auction. These hairs can NOT be bought directly from them, primarily $ Million Chinese and Japanese businessmen can buy at auctions. You must register for the auction at, then the auction date will be for those who do not see people who do not have $ 1 million in cash (~ 300 million forints) in their pockets. And, of course, the mafia is present in such a big deal ... So here's the assertion that retailers bring their hairdressers to Europe directly from Indian temples!

Indian virgin hair shaken

The virgin hair

The tons of tons of shipped wagons are transported by businessmen (essentially 99% directly to China). Here is the second statement that we often encounter, as China is the cheapest workforce, it is clear that the first round of transferring tons of hair will be taken by Chinese cheap laborers for further processing! So, 99 of the 100 copfs available in Europe for any kind of branded and packed hair have certainly "walked" in China.

Elvis Presley lives!

Many people think it, and it has spread in quite a few places that the world star of America's Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, lives up to today on a distant island, in peace. In this way, there are numerous deceptions about the origin of hair in Europe, and often the European retailer also believes that the hair was cut off by a direct priest from an Indian woman :)

Chinese boom brewery plant

Selection in first step ...

Hair arriving at China's factory halls is carried through further disinfection processes, but these hairs are actually kept in their original virgin condition and do not harm them. Since there are no two identical people, there are not two equal qualities of hair. The best quality hair will be sorted and will not be subjected to further treatment, these will be the virgin hair that is exported to the world's countries as a coffin. Less good (second class) hair is subjected to chemical treatment and painting. During treatment, they remove an upper layer from the structure of the hair but do not change the direction of the hairs. For the weakest and most affordable hair, even the direction of the hair can change, which allows for much shorter wear, but inexpensive!

There is demand for third class hair too!

Like not everyone with Bentley, many people are happy with a much cheaper car, so both hair dye (treated, dyed, siliconized, threaded) and third (treated, painted, silicone, mixed threaded) hair are very popular with on the world. They are cheaper but of course they can be worn for much shorter periods. ... And let's see, not everyone needs and has money for the most expensive hair, especially if you put your first boot case and is not even sure if you want to wear it for a long time. However, those looking for the highest quality are mostly scam, but more in our next article.

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September 09, 2017 by Peter Juhasz

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