Reliable hair extensions trading
Initially, there was no such competition for the buyers. The emerging market situation has made some changes necessary. There are those who gave quality below who took the profit to serve better prices and who have the offer.

We have not been cheaper and from a qualitative point of view, from the beginning we have tried to offer a good price and broaden the range of products. We take the guarantee very seriously, so we offer a 30 day repurchase or exchange service instead of the normal 14 day withdrawal.

Price development prices depend on a few factors:


We have ordered our hairs for more than 8 years from China. There are 2-3 reliable collectors who sell to Europe exclusively for us and sell approx. Weighing 500 kilos of hair always send us the finest cut hairs. In the summer they can cut a bit more, in winter they are a bit less than the average, but most importantly they are very good professionals. The hairs are thread-like, only assembled from one head. They could have cutted at the same time 1 tonne of hair a month, but they will not do it because they would accumulate a lot and this led to the need to sell for less fresh hair after a while. This would spoil the quality and long-term business.

One dollar exchange rate development. As a world-famous news, I often get stuck on the banks pages and update the stock exchange information several times a day. The more valuable a dollar, the more I pay for hair ponytails for my collectors.

99% of European boots used for hair extension in Europe come from China and a neighboring Asian country (India, Vietnam). Another, because it's cheaper, and how many European ladies cut off her hair for sale?

There are many types of hair found on the hair market. Unfortunately, it is the most silly quality, yet it is easy to get to know non-resale dealers. I'm buy hair bulk and then process it here. Pre bonding, wefting and bleaching. So you can be sure that my hair is of good quality.

Who can not blush or brush your hair yourself, how can you be sure of its quality?

To do this you get enough hair, but often just gently. If it is watertight and difficult to handle, the straw is not of good quality, it will soon ruin and will be combed after a few months.

Of course, if you buy a hair with a cash on delivery, you can find it just after the receipt, so it is very important to be a reliable trader to choose.

A more expensive boom does not always mean that boom is of better quality. This depends largely on the dealer's pricing policy, how many hands have passed the product that is in your hands, etc.

Our hair comes directly from a collector, freshly cut, hydrated and healthy. You will not find this quality hair at a better price, I guarantee!

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