The iHair Ltd is a sourced and service company of hair extension that has been planned by me (Peter) to help the barber shops in Hungary for the handmade hair extension needs. But the basic idea comes from my lovely wife. Kitti has worn hair extensions for years and she often complained about the quality of hairpieces. It was not possible to get high quality hairpieces in Hungary.
Nowadays, we have also extended sales to the UK and Germany. The delivery time is 1 business day.
So i got in touch with several foreign hair collectors. The first reliable source hairpieces were in India, so i ordered a lot of hair from Chennai, these are the basic pillars of our business has been built up to Indian hairs.
Today, most of the hairs collected in many parts of the world for us. We only sells freshly cut human hair from small to large quantities at reasonable price.
The virgin human hairs are available in bunches, free from chemical treatment, hand-made, cleaned and sterilized. These human hairs are excellent for the purpose of hair extensions. These hairs do not go through any chemical treatment (acid or silicone bath) other than sterilization procedure. Every hair is imported with certification of sterilization. The sterilization process is not harmful to the hair structure in any ways.


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Why should You buy our products?

Our virgin hairs are bleachable and colorable with the proper technique. The hairs are available in a wide variety of lenght (40-80cm / 16-32 inches) and processing method (machine weft and pre-bonded). Excellent for all kind of Hair Extension techniques!

We offer full warranty on all our products. Every single piece of our Hair Extensions are entirelly manufactured by us from high quality human hair, so that we can assure premium-quality-only merchandise to our customers.

Our company succesfully developed a good international relationship, from where we import the best quality hairs. We only import freshly cut human hair from our partners. We hope that our prices will get you and your customers attention. The Hair Extensions are manufactured in Hungary. Raw virgin, machine weft, and pre-bonded 100% Human Hair Extensions are available in our store.

Hair Extensions are available in small and large quantities for professional hair extensionists and also for individuals.

Our constantly expanding range of stock and products make it possible to supply many customers at the same time. It is important to us to get the international market's awarness about the iHair® brand. In the future we plan to sell our own hair dyes and hair care products. Our ultimate goal is build a well-known, trustworthy company with the best quality products available at reasonable price.

The biggest acknowledgment for us if someone buys our products again and again. We thank every order with loyalty points, which can be used in the next order for discounts. Regular customers are special to us with every order they make.

Peter Juhasz

Kitti and Peter