Hair extensions #63 - one head ♥ luxury

€ 360.00

These hair extensions are made for the consumer. The hair color is shown in the picture, about the proper weight hairs. If you are not a hair extension guru or you are, but you do not want to bother with the processing, just choose the appropriate quantities, the preparation method and the hair extension work will begin immediately!

You can choose 3 kind of lengths (50,60,70 cm) and your type of processing method:

Pre Bonded hair extensions are ideal for hot fusion and micro ring technique, which creates the most natural looks. Based on long years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, the bonds are created to be easy-to-use for professionals and those who just started their extension carrier! With ideal hair-care conditions Hair Extensions can be used for up to 3-4 years!

Our Weft Hair is manufactured only from high quality Virgin Human Hair. We only sell Machine Weft Hair Extensions which can be shaped for desired length and color. The Weft doesn't looses hair, is thin and easy to use. The Extensions are wefted in one long 100 gramm line so further bleaching and coloring is exceptionally easy. Every piece of Machine Weft Hair Extension is from an individual head. Equal bleaching is guaranteed! With ideal hair-care conditions Machine Weft Hair Extensions can be used for up to 3-4 years!

Clip in Hair Extensions does not require any Hair Extension related skills. It is easily applicable and removable in about 5 minutes. Clip in Hair Extensions only, are used by many people more often, than every other extension technics altogether. Our Hair Extensions are manufactured from only premium quality Machine Wefted Hair in 3 or 4 rows. The number of rows is individually variable. Clip in Hair Extensions are extremely durable, since they are removable for bad or harmful hair-care conditions (sleeping, shower, salty sea water, etc…). The Extensions are usable for up to 7-10 years.